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Saint Lawrence Spirits is family owned and operated and is proud to be named the 2019 New York State Distillery of the Year. Our distillers are passionate about providing quality small batch craft spirits with local roots, which starts at Lucky Star Ranch, where we harvest native botanicals & raw materials from our family farm. Local farmers assist with our corn harvest and provide additional grains and raw ingredients to be distilled at Saint Lawrence Spirits. 100% of grains used to make our Moonshine & Whiskeys are sourced from New York State Farms, 90% from right here in Jefferson County!

A meticulously renovated & historic 1937 Manor is home to our farm to table restaurant,"The Château,” and our primary tasting room on the St. Lawrence River. Our distillery is home to a 500-gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still, designed especially for Saint Lawrence Spirits production goals of our maximum capacity of 75,000 proof gallons annually. Additionally, we will have eight fermenters and mash cooker, along with our in house bottling and packaging system.

We are the first distillery to use purified St. Lawrence River water to proof down all our spirits, providing The Spirit Of The River In Every Bottle®.